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This book is for those suffering from PTSD and the loss of identity that comes with it. It’s for those who want to overcome the life sentence of mental illness and have the courage to step out onto the journey of coming to terms with finding their new identity.

This story is a raw account of Andy Cullen, a man whose love for adventure and loyalty to his country leaves him broken. It is the story of Zoe Cullen, his beloved wife, and their journey through the dark times, the hurt, the fears, and challenges that are very real for a couple and a family dealing with the trauma of modern warfare, and the continued battle that rages on at home. It is a story of hope.

RESURRECTED A Story of Hope Book

Read about Andy and Zoe Cullen’s Story: “RESURRECTED – A Story of Hope” (Second Edition) now.

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Andy is a veteran of 17 years service in the Australian Army. Retiring as a Major in 2012 having served 6 years as a soldier in the Royal Australian Infantry (RAINF) and later as an Officer in the Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) focusing much of his career in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). He was awarded the COMMENDATION FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE for operations in Afghanistan. 
Zoe grew up in the tranquil hills of Byron Bay living in a mud brick home built by her parents. She has a passion for life, family and travel and after university married into the Army, her own career taking a back seat to Andy’s life as a Military Officer.
Andy was diagnosed with PTSD following multiple deployments to Afghanistan. Zoe was forced into the position of sole parent of their four young children. Andy’s condition worsened while he battled with a loss of identity and purpose following his retirement from the Army. He eventually ended up in a mental hospital falling into a dark depression that very nearly cost him his life leaving Zoe to pick up the pieces of the broken family.
Together they fought their way through the many challenges living with PTSD brings. Resurrected gives a unique insight into the realities of war and its effects on marriage and family. Told from the perspectives of both veteran and wife.
Andy and Zoe facilitate the REBOOT Trauma Recovery Course in Australia, a course that provides practical help for service members, first responders and their families, addressing the moral and spiritual wounds of combat for both the veteran and the family that were fighting a battle of a different kind at home.
Andy and Zoe Cullen Authors of RESURRECTED A Story of Hope
RESURRECTED A Story of Hope Andy and Zoe Cullen Book
RESURRECTED A Story of Hope Andy and Zoe Cullen Book
RESURRECTED A Story of Hope Andy and Zoe Cullen Book
RESURRECTED A Story of Hope Andy and Zoe Cullen Book