PTSD Resurrected Inc. was established in 2017 to restore Hope, Healing and Purpose to individuals and their families, suffering from PTSD as a result of trauma experienced during their service.  

Meet the founders

Andy and Zoe Cullen

Andy and Zoe have a lived experience with PTSD impacting their young family.

Together they fought their way through the many challenges that living with PTSD brings. They released a book of their experience Resurrected – A Story of Hopeand founded PTSD Resurrected in 2017 to restore hope to individuals and their families struggling with trauma as a result of their service.

Andy is a veteran of 17 years service in the Australian Army. Retiring as a Major in 2012 having served 6 years as a soldier in the Royal Australian Infantry (RAINF) and later as an Officer in the Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) focusing much of his career in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). He was awarded the COMMENDATION FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE for operations in Afghanistan.

Zoe has a passion for life, family, travel and after university married into the Army, her own career taking a back seat to Andy’s life as a Military Officer. Her passion is now firmly focused on helping others and giving a voice to partners / caregivers and children who’s stories are often not told.

Paul Davidson Reboot PTSD Resurrected Inc Team



Paul took part in our very first Reboot Combat Recovery Course. The positive impact on his life has brought him to join our team and become an integral part of the team. 

Paul was medically discharged from the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC in July 2001 following 19 years of service mostly in Belfast, Northern Ireland. During his service he was involved in “beat and patrol” in the urban environment, Divisional Mobile Support Unit: public order urban and rural, anti terrorist operations urban and rural, search teams urban and rural, Operational Support. 

Following serious injury in 1995 his work took him to Headquarters and rehabilitation to return to his operational support policing role. In 1998 – 1999 his injuries forced him to become purely office based with his work in the “Murder Archive Team” examining murders from 1969 – 1999, this leading to his medical discharge in 2001.

Paul matriculated at University Of Ulster in Jordanstown (UUJ), Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, at 38 years of age to study physiotherapy, graduating in June 2005 with a Bachelor of Science with Honours 2.1. He was fortunate enough to lecture at UUJ, then entered the Northern Ireland Health Service and has been working in private practice for 14 years, 9 of which have been in Australia. Paul’s experience with PTSD and depression has been long with a diagnosis only after leaving the force and being in University and going through what he thought was normal exam stress etc. He had tried all the courses and techniques that were available and nothing really worked until he tried Reboot Combat Recovery Course. Thus his passion to lead the course and see other lives with similar stories like his change by bringing them hope and healing and purpose.

REBOOT PTSD Resurrected Inc Team Dave

Dave first met the Founders of PTSD Resurrected, Andy & Zoe shortly before the release of their book ‘Resurrected: A story of hope‘.  At the time Dave was involved with overseas mission within high conflict scenarios. As Dave’s work took him into areas of significant natural disaster, war and poverty it became evident that this had significantly impacted many areas of Dave’s life, which resulted in PTSD and anxiety. With Andy’s encouragement Dave attended the third? Reboot course.

Dave served with the 51st Battalion FNQR as an infantry soldier and later studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree (Theology) and holds a diploma of Crisis counselling. Dave has lived in many areas of the world and brings the lived experience of operations and pastoral care to the team.  
Dave also holds qualifications in Disaster Risk Reduction and Response, Personnel safety & security and continues to serve with an international organisation where he coordinates indigenous teams to meet the needs of internally displaced people groups as a result of geo political events and civil war.
Since Dave’s return to Australia he assists the PTSD Resurrected team with pastoral care and operational aspects of the charity. Dave is usually found with his much loved ‘service dog in training’ BEAR the German Shepherd.
REBOOT PTSD Resurrected Inc Team Sean and Leeanne



Sean and Leanne with their four beautiful children started their journey with the Charity, PTSD Resurrected Inc, in 2018. The couple were part of the 2nd intake of Graduates for the Reboot Combat Recovery Course. The course assisted Sean and Leanne better address and confront difficult conversations in their marriage and family when dealing with the traumas of PTSD. 

Sean served with the Australia Defence Force (Army) for 14 years. He spent half this career, working with the Royal Australian Artillery with an Airborne Capability. In his first year of enlistment he was deployed to East Timor, when the country was classified as a war zone. Sean transferred to the Petroleum Operation Unit for the latter half of his career and completed two more deployments of Timor Lest’e before discharging from the Army with the rank of Sergeant in 2013.  Sean worked the Oil and gas fields of Barrow Island in Western Australia for 2 years, before completing an Advanced Diploma in Management and Security and worked on behalf of the ADF for another 2 years. He was diagnosed with PTSD in 2017 and on medical grounds was advised to cease employment to focus on his health and recovery.

Leanne has had working experience in the Mining Industry as a Safety and Training Officer and also in the Mental Health Industry as Disability Employment Consultant. With these experiences, she has witnessed first-hand the stigma behind mental health in these industries. Upon completion of other Mental Health Courses, by far the Reboot Recovery Combat Course addressed the moral injuries and also involved couples and families. Her passion is for others in the course to be equipped as she was to support their partner and source help for themselves as support network.

Simon Xenia Schembri



Simon and Xenia are the founders of Gold Coast based charity At The Ark Inc. ATA is a registered charity, set up to support families in the recovery of child sexual abuse and families impacted by domestic and family violence. They equip organisations such as churches, childcare centre, schools and families, on protection and prevention of child abuse and domestic violence. 

Xenia is an international author of 4 books, three of them were written to empower families, educators and other professionals to teach self-protective behaviours.

She’s also written her autobiography; Broken To Be Beautiful, the story of how she navigated her way through a 15-year domestic violent marriage, and how she rediscovered who she is through Christ to become a warrior for the voiceless. Her eBook gives advice on how to protect children and is available for free on their website Xenia is a qualified counsellor, pastor, and public speaker. She was named Gold Coast Woman of The Year for the prestigious Heart of Woman Awards in 2020 as well as being named Westfield Local Hero in the same year.

Simon has been in ministry and the not-for-profit sector for more than 20 years both here in Australia and in the UK. He has worked in Christian media in both countries as well as actively involved with the running of At The Ark and is on the board of PTSD Resurrected. He Pastors a local church on the Gold Coast with Xenia. 

At The Ark was originally set up in response to finding out that four of their children had been sexually abused by Xenia’s first husband in the UK in 2007. Now, many years later, their faith journey has been blessed and they have walked into the calling that God has laid for them. Through their ministry and as Itinerate ministers through Minister Fellowship International they travel around Australia and the world sharing their hearts for the prevention and protection of innocent children who need to know that they are loved and cherished, and to bring healing, hope and empowerment to survivors of domestic violence.

Simon and Xenia are please to collaborate with PTSD Resurrected in facilitating the highly successful REBOOT Trauma Recovery courses here in Australia and around the world.

To find out more about At The Ark go to or

At the Ark

REBOOT PTSD Resurrected Inc Team Jim Wallace



James John Arundel WallaceAM is a retired Australian Army officer and a current lobbyist on social issues. Jim is the Chairman of the Australian Christian Lobby. 

Wallace studied at the Royal Military College, Duntroon and the British Army Staff College.[4] He served in the Australian Army for 32 years, reaching the rank of brigadier.

His service included command of the Special Air Service Regiment (1988–1990). He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1984

Moral Injury and Trauma Recovery Workshops: For veterans, first responders and the wider community



Start the conversation and promote change from the ground up by inspiring your team, helping them to restore hope, promote healing and define purpose. The Cullens are restoring resilience through raw and relatable keynotes which have been delivered to audiences including the US and Australian Defence Force, QLD and NSW Police and select Corporate groups. Each keynote speech is drawn from real, lived experiences with a particular focus on topics including Leadership and accountability, living with trauma, life after trauma, performance under pressure & suicide and self awareness.