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“For those suffering from PTSD and the loss of identity that comes with it. For those who want to shift from suffering to living with PTSD and step out on the journey of coming to terms with finding their new identity. A story about a man who submitted to God’s will and found him-self stumbling upon spiritual enlightenment. A story about a wife of a serviceman who deals with all the challenges of a growing family at home and then having to deal with the consequences of a traumatised loved one coming back from the war zone.

This story is told from both perspectives of a married serviceman in the Australian Army. Who or what makes a great serviceman? Understanding his love for adventure and loyalty to his country. Who can deal with this kind of relationship? The viewpoint of Andy and Zoe his beloved wife, their journey through the dark times, the fears and challenges that are very real for a couple and a family dealing with the stresses of war in Afghanistan and the different kind of war zone at home, that creates significant challenges in the lives of people who protect our country and what we stand for as a nation.”

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9 reviews for PTSD Resurrected Book

  1. Mares

    I am privileged to have read PTSD Resurrected… This book took me on a journey of a military man and his family and their race of endurance in life and all it has thrown at them. They have left an incredible impression on my life as I I’ve been allowed into their world of fighting to stay together through the hardest of times. Their story expresses the reality of PTSD and the impact it has had on their lives, I am encouraged that they are fighting the good fight and looking to God for their hope. Andy and Zoe, thank you for sharing your hearts, your story will impact – and even save, the lives of many!

  2. David Schaeffer

    What do you do when someone transports you to another life, another world, a set of circumstances so far beyond your experience that it leaves you floundering? Here are the raw details of a man who was never going to die wondering and his equally courageous wife who bravely hung on while he jumped from mountain to valley until he found his bearings. When Andy and Zoe took life on they probably got more than they bargained for. When a person bites off more than they can chew, they have to chew like crazy, and that’s what these two champions and their children did. They lead the way in courage, resilience and faith, and I defy any reader to exit the book the way they entered it. Thanks Andy and Zoe for taking your courage, your secrets, your pain and your recovery and putting it on display so the rest of us can aim up with hope in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

  3. Heather Angus

    Wow! Just finished, I couldn’t put it down, such an incredible read! Huge respect and appreciation for both of you and all you’ve been through. This book will bring hope and be such a blessing to those who have walked similar journeys to yours and to those of us who have no military background, but now have some insight into the enormous price paid by our service men and women and their families. Thank you for sharing so honestly. It has given me an even greater appreciation of the freedom we have here yet so often take for granted. Thank you both for serving our country so faithfully.

  4. Tamara Sloper Harding

    I loved this book and so admire the courage of Zoe and Andy in sharing their story. My husband and I are veterans. We both have ptsd yet have not had the guts to talk about it this frankly. I wish all my friends would read “Resurrected”. I see veterans struggle everyday with the issues Andy talked about. If we really want to help them – and help them we must – we need to truly understand what they are going through. Andy gives us a very good insight into that struggle. I felt like Zoe and Andy could read my mind – so many incidents in the book really resonated with me. The frustration and difficulty of reintegrating into civilian life when so much of it seems meaningless and petty by comparison to world events seems common to many veterans. Reading “Resurrected” helped me to face each day (even if it is just for this week) with a sense of hope and purpose. It did make me feel like we are not alone and we do not need to fix everything ourselves. There is help out there if we know how to ask for it and we pray.

  5. Louise Langens

    I have just read this book, congratulations Andy & Zoe, I hope this will encourage other Veterans to acknowledge their mental issues and seek support! What a wonderful wife you are Zoe for being there for your husband through this journey in your lives! ?

  6. Simon Schem

    Wow Wow Wow!!! I have just finished this amazing book. I simply could not put it down! It is without a doubt the most compelling and thought-provoking book I have ever read. What an amazing story from start to finish. Such admiration for both of you Andy and Zoe and of course your children too! My wife Xenia and I run a charity that assists families of children who have been sexually abused and come across people suffering PTSD quite regularly. I truly believe this book will literally save lives! I highly recommend this book. Simply a great resource that should be in every home and I am sure that Vetrens right across the world will be blessed to know there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Well done!

  7. Paul Jolly (verified owner)

    Loved reading Andy and Zoe’s book. Most people including myself really have very little idea of what our veterans go through in war let alone when they come home. What makes this so good is to not only hearing Andy’s stories including his struggles post war but understanding Zoe’s life and how Zoe and their kids got through with Andy. These guys are telling their story and I encourage everyone to read this book. It is a true story of courage and perseverance. Well done Andy and Zoe, I couldn’t put this book down, thoroughly enjoyed it.

  8. Rebekah Muller

    I am not big on reading, but this was one of those books you just can’t put down. A true story told so raw and honest. Hearing the truth about Andy’s journey during and after war was mind blowing and something I’d never heard of before. How he ever made it out alive is a true miracle! Zoe is a true inspiration to all woman. As I mother and wife I just don’t know how I could simply cope if it were me in her position. Thankyou both for sharing your story, so many lives will be impacted in a positive way because you chose to share it with us.

  9. Dave Marrett

    Andy & Zoe, Thank you! It is raw but compelling in it’s reality and depth. It is a story of tragedy and triumph, service and suffering but mostly it is a book of HOPE! Andy, you’ve taken us on an intimate journey into your experiences and invited us on an expedition where we discover that God never wastes a hurt. You’ve let us into the conversation and given us a back our voice of what it means to care for our mates and our families and to rediscover what it means to lead out of our broken places. Thank you!

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